Sneak Peak: Do You Dance, Ms. Parker?

Here is a sneak peak of Do You Dance, Ms. Parker?, a short film played out in the mind of one man, filled with drinks, dancing, and Dorothy Parker. Alexandra is one of the 1920's dancers in the speakeasy.

In this film, the writings and imaginings of a modern day young man bring him to a 1920's speakeasy where he finds himself infatuated with a woman - the quick-witted, dark, and sexy Dorothy Parker. The two soon enter a dance of rhetoric that is mimicked by the choreography of the other patrons, creating a fantastical world, which implores the young man to live in the real one.

Full film to be released June 2017

Director/Choreographer; Kristen Brooks Sandler

Writer: Matt Summers

Assoc Choreographer/Director: Guy Mannick

#dance #nyc

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